When Love Isn’t Enough

Have you ever felt your heart physically breaking? I think that if you’re quiet enough, you can hear it happening. Maybe it’s in the quiet hours of a morning when you’re sipping your coffee alone, looking out a cold window, trying to see past the frost to a different time when things were warmer. Maybe you hear the cracks through the static of a radio you weren’t really listening to on a long drive to the job you feel stuck in. Maybe you hear it when your grandmother forgets where she is, or why she lives with you, or how she used to be your best friend. Maybe you feel it most of all when the person who lights up your world doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Maybe you feel the chipping away at your heart so gradually that when it finally shatters, you’re left with an emptiness you didn’t think was possible.

                Sometimes things just don’t make sense. You look at your life and wonder how things got turned so upside down. People say:

“Love never fails.”

…except for when it does. 140939

                I think it happens more than we realize, but we’re conditioned to believe that if we love genuinely, with everything we have, things will always work out- no matter how hard it gets. That’s not always the case though. Sometimes things just fall apart for no apparent reason, and it’s really no one’s fault. Sometimes love just isn’t enough. It’s not enough to bring back the warmth of summer, your sense of excitement, your grandmother’s memory, or the light in your life that came from the relationship you deeply miss.

I think that it’s important that we look at our lives with open eyes and honesty. There are a lot of very sad moments we’re going to have to live through, but I don’t believe in letting these things define who we are. It’s easy to become callous and closed off, but do what’s hard…be human and feel your pain. The more trials we face, the more we prove to ourselves that we’re survivors. You’re stronger than you think you are. Be brave and love with everything you have, even if everything you have isn’t enough to fix a situation you wish you weren’t in. Don’t feel defeated when love fails because it happens and it’s not your fault.

…Because even if your love isn’t enough, you are.


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